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New EU Tyre Label..New UK Law 1st May 2021

The European Union has for many years provided a regulation whereby tyre labelling helped customers and tyre retailers make informed decisions about the tyres they purchased. The old label focused on three areas around wet grip, fuel efficiency and noise with letters to denote performance in those areas.

From the 1st May 2021 a revised regulation comes into force in the EU which the UK has adopted as part of the withdrawal negotiations.

In brief the new regulations adopt a more stringent approach to poor performing tyres. In fact the old wet grip label where A to G was allowed has been reduced to discount tyres where wet grip performance is worse than E. In addition tyres suitable for snow conditions will be marked on the label.

From the 1st May 2021 passenger car tyres will not be allowed to be sold where the wet grip is F or G in the EU which whilst still being ratified is likely to be adopted by the UK Government.

We can expect in the UK to see the new labels coming through, due to the global nature of tyre production the UK will not get it's own labels and of course our vehicles travelling to the EU will need to comply.

At Sunset we will be keeping an eye on developments to ensure our product range complies with the UK and EU regulations removing any offending products.

Here is a copy of the New EU labels, Winter and Alpine tyres have extra markings next to the noise levels.

Further information available directly from European Commission


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