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  • When will I get my Road Hero Kit?
    Shipment cut off is 1pm each day for next working day delivery. If you have any special requests just let us know.
  • Why should I buy from your Company?
    We're a family run bricks and mortar business. Our company is registered in England and Wales (5740338) and operates out of two sites in Derby. Our other brands include Sunset Tyres and Sunset Derby which have been specialising in vehicle repairs, tyres and wheels since 1998. Sunset Derby Link Sunset Tyres Link The Road Hero kits are a product of Wheelwright Limited of which we are a distributor for the United Kingdom region and our team have full access to their technical guidance should we need it.
  • Can I get a refund if I'm not happy?
    Yes. Simply call 01332 296916 we'll arrange collection. The kit once returned to us will be inspected and if all items are present and good for resale a refund will be promptly processed. We check each order against the vehicle registration before shipment. We ask you to check that you are happy with the wheel dimensions as the information is available before purchase. Also, if you're vehicle has had modifications that you haven't made us aware of a handling charge may be applied. Refund and Returns Policy Delivery The majority of wheels are delivered direct from our UK wholesaler and can be arranged for next day delivery if ordered before 1pm. Where wheels are being delivered direct from the manufacturer this will be undertaken with best endeavours within five working days. Delivery Tips: If possible deliveries to a business address are easier than private addresses for many reasons. Unfortunately, we cannot offer timeslots. Returns & Cancellations: Cancellations up to the point of shipment can be arranged by phoning 01332 296916. Providing the shipment hasn't left the warehouse a 100% refund will be quickly returned to you. Returns terms: 1, In no circumstance may goods be returned without prior approval. All goods will be collected by our own courier. 2, Goods returned which were supplied correctly will be subject to a 15% handling charge and a return carriage charge of £20 (subject to collection location). 3, All goods should be returned in the original packaging with all components present. The cost of any missing items will be deducted from the refund. 4, Refunds will only be made once the goods have been received and inspected back into stock. 5, Items will not be accepted in the case of fitment inside the vehicles wheel well. All dimensions are available prior to placing an order. 6, The manufacturer reserves the right to supply suitable components and all images are for illustration purposes only.
  • Will the kit fit in my wheel well?
    Firstly establish by looking up your vehicle from our list of products. Once you have found the product code the tyre size will be highlighted within the product description. The dimensions for the space saver tyres are as follows: Simply measure the diameter and width against your vehicle wheel well. The Road Hero wheel does come in a bag should you need to store it in the boot.
  • What speed can I travel with the Road Hero Kit?
    You are limited to 50mph / 80 kmh by law in the United Kingdom.
  • Will my breakdown company fit the wheel for me?
    Most breakdown companies will. It is worth checking before setting off however.
  • How far can you safely travel on a Road Hero Spare?
    There is no maximum distance. Speed is limited to 50 mph by law in the United Kingdom when different size tyres are on the same axle. The Road Hero spare is designed to get you to the next garage.
  • My car has been modified will the wheel still fit?
    If you have uprated your brakes or lowered your vehicle then possibly not. Check before orderding by calling 01332 296916.
  • How can I check the wheel fits my vehicle?
    You can check on the manufacturer's website. Link as follows: Once you have found the product code simply come back to this site and place your order or call 01332 296916 if you have any questions.
  • Will my TPMS system still work with a Road Hero Spare?
    The TPMS system will still be able to read the other full size wheels. The Road Hero however is not fitted with a TPMS valve so you will have a warning until the puncture wheel is repaired and put back on the car.
  • Do you supply the retaining bolt for the wheel in the well?
    No. These have to be sourced from the main dealer and are not part of the kit.
  • How do I fit the Road Hero Space Saver Tyre?
    Firstly, we always suggest performing a test fit before embarking on a journey to ensure you are familiar with the process of changing a wheel and using the kit. The recommended steps would be to ensure the vehicle is parked with handbrake on a firm and flat surface. If you breakdown on a motorway or busy road then we would suggest as a safety precaution to use the hard shoulder and if possible get off at the next junction for safety. Once safe to do so get the kit out of the vehicle. The breakdown kit is in a separate bag to the wheel which will have its own wheel nuts that need to be used in place of the standard nuts. Place warning triangle in direction of incoming traffic. Put Hi-Vis jacket on and gloves. Before raising the vehicle we would crack each of the existing wheel nuts slightly to ensure that you are not rocking the vehicle whilst it is lifted up on a scissor jack. Your vehicle may have a locking wheel nuts fitted which are removed using the locking wheel nut key which will may be stored in your glovebox or boot. Once each of the existing wheel nuts have been slightly loosened, raise the vehicle up using the scissor jack. Pay attention to where the vehicle jacking points are located by referring to your vehicle manual. It is advisable to remove all passengers before raising a vehicle in case they start rocking the vehicle. With the existing tyre clear of the ground you can now remove all of the existing wheel bolts. Ensure that you never place any body part in an area that could become trapped should the vehicle come off the scissor jack. Once the existing wheel has been removed you can now fit the Road Hero space saver wheel kit using the nuts supplied. The vehicle may have to be raised higher if the Road Hero wheel is a higher profile than your existing wheels. We would start each bolt by hand in the wheel and then using the supplied wheel brace nip each nut up. Once all nuts have been fitted and the wheel is flush on the hub lower the scissor jack so the weight of the vehicle is now on the Road Hero space saver wheel and provide a further tightening of each nut. There are extra items supplied in the kit which may be of use depending on the conditions such as torch, kneeling matt and gloves. Place punctured tyre in boot along with any items taken out of kit and drive at up to 50mph to your nearest tyre shop.
  • Can I have the kit without the emergency breakdown kit?
    No. Each kit comes with the emergency breakdown kit and we cannot supply without the kit.
  • What brand of tyre will my Road Hero kit come with?
    Unfortunately, we cannot confirm the branding of the tyres as each kit is assembled per order. Not every manufacturer makes space saver tyres and your kit could be delivered with a branded tyre or not.
  • Will fitting the Road Hero affect my cars handling or warning systems?
    Yes. The Road Hero space saver kits are designed as a temporary solution to get you to the next convenient garage. As the rolling circumference of the space saver can be up to 10% different to the vehicles standard wheels you may have warning lights on the dashboard relating to ESP controls and tyre pressure warnings as the space saver will not have a TPMS valve fitted to it.
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