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Driving Abroad 2021

From the 1st January driving abroad needs a little bit more planning now that the transition period is coming to an end. Of course you should head on over the GOV.UK website to check you are compliant as we're not responsible and the content could change at any point.

The latest from the website shows that there are quite a few things you need in order to travel:

1, Driving Licence - You will need to carry it with you and depending on where in the UK the licence was issued you may need an International Driving Permit (Post Office).

2, Proof of insurance (Green Card) - You will need this for the vehicle and any trailer. If the policy expires during your visit then you also need to carry the new policie(s).

3, Vehicle Log Book or VE103 if its a hire or lease car must be carried.

4, GB Sticker - Yes it's back and doesn't matter if your number plate states GB. Don't forget the trailer.

5, Car Accident - Legal claims settled in country of accident and in the language of that country.

6, Trailer registration - rules apply for certain trailers depending on weight and use.

Of course your vehicle has to be road worthy and comply with legislation.


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